Welcome to our temporary site while we make busy with the digital hammers behind the veil of the internet. Please feel free to have a snoop and give us a buzz if you have any projects you would like to chat through.

We provide 3D CGI services in Design, Animation, Visualisation and Product Rendering while our 2D suite handles compositing and editing.

We are also here to guide you through the emerging technology that is “AI”. Its a bit of a buzzword right now and still in its infancy with, lets say, variable results. However, we help you assess if its right for your project.


Dead Pixels Ltd. was set up in 2008 from its previous incarnation of Rocket Renders back in 2004. We enjoyed early success with the National Lottery contracts at the tip of the digital marketing wave and was instrumental in the creation of 1st digital content network in the UK with Rocket, then as we grew and our clients increased we moved to Soho in London and worked on various films and tv projects such as Hellboy II, Mama Mia and The Secret of Moonacre.

After 8 years in the big smoke, we saw that content and its delivery was evolving. Most of our work was with international or regular clients who rarely came to the busy studio in central London. Instead it was done remotely via FTP and video conferencing  so a decision was made to move further out of London where we could get superfast internet speeds without being held to ransom by commercial agents and comms companies.

Now we run a super efficient ship and work with a network of international artists on a project by project basis – which saves us and the client valuable resources.

We continue to embrace new ways of working, now more than ever, to keep a happy balance of incredibly high quality work, with a high quality way of life. The latter is all to easily forgotten in the hectic hustle of 2024.

Christopher Eades, Creative Director.


Please do get in touch to discuss your requirements and how we can help.

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